Nina Östman (former Ericson) CV (click for swedish)

Photographic education 1980-83
Theatre studies,1985-86
The Universities in Stockholm and Uppsala 1992-93, art theory.
Institute of Art & Crafts, Stockholm 1994-95, special student /painting dept.
Institute of Art & Crafts, Stockholm 1995-96, art theory.
The Royal University College of Fine Arts, Stockholm 2000-2001, free art.
The  Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Uppsala 2004-05

Separate Exhibitions
1981  Camera Obscura, Stockholm
1985  The Olle Olsson House, Solna
1986  Gallery Gauss, Stockholm
1988, 1993  Billedhuset Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark
1990  Gavle Museum
1993  Rosendal Garden, Stockholm
1994  Sundsvall Museum
1995  Museum Anna Nordlander, Skelleftea
1996  Skovde Art Museum
1997  IASPIS The Royal Academy of Free Arts, Stockholm
1998  The Church of Nacka, Stockholm
2001 The Mill Gallery, Soderhamn
2003  Nordica Art Center, Yunnan, China
2003  The Church of Staffan, Gavle.

Group Exhibitions
1982, 1986  The Museum of Modern Art, Stockholm
1983  Camera Obscura, "Desire", Stockholm
1991  The Culture House "Ambiguity", Stockholm
1995  Institute of Art & Crafts, Stockholm
1996  "Collection of Swedish Celebrities", Lacko Castle
1997  The Art in the province of Gavleborg
1998  The National Public Art Council
1999  Parcsallat, The Botanical Garden, Uppsala
1999  Sandviken Art Museum
2000  Formula, Gavle Artcenter
2002-2003 “Talk to me”, Gavle Artcenter, Sweden/ Centre for Contemporary Art, Warszawa, Poland/Voipaala Art Center, Valkeakoski, Finland
2003 Moviken Art, Sweden

Videos and short movies
1990  Hello my wife (about two childish mothers and their babies)
1992  Helge & Gloria (film and performance about gender)
1996  Fundator dream (art video)
1997  Enfant Terrible (video about discovering oneself)
1997  Mating Dance (video/dance improvisation with Patrick King)

1983 Klader, Brombergs (Sweden, norway, USA)
1990 Tid & Otid, Norstedts
1991 Children, Alfabeta
1993 Rosendal Garden, Tidens (sweden, denmark)
1998/04 The House Biible, Prisma
1998 About Gardens, Prisma
1999/04 Genuine Falun Red, Prisma (swedish, germany, english)
1999 Love and Buns, Arena
2005 The Sheep Book, Prisma
2007 The Chicken Book, Prisma
2008 Alice from China, Alfabeta
2009 What are you doing? Debate-book about food, Prisma

The Museum of Modern Art / Photografic Museum, Stockholm, Solna-, Sundsvall-, Orebro- Bollnas-, Soderhamn- Municipalities. Halsingland Museum, Gavle Museum, Sundsvall Museum, Museum Anna Nordlander, Skovde Museum, The National Art Council, The church of Nacka, Gavle county council. Private- and company collections.

1984  The National Authors Fund
1985  The Solna Cultural Council
1986  Arts Grants Committee / The Visual Arts Fund
1991  Arts Grants Committee / The Visual Arts Fund
1991-96  The National Authors Fund
1991  City Council in Gavleborg
1993  Thoreau Research Foundation for Science and Culture
1994  Arts Grants Committee / The Visual Arts Fund
1996  Arts Grants Committee / The Visual Arts Fund
1996  IASPIS Arts Grants Committee / The Visual Arts Fund
1999 The National Authors Fund

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